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- rebase to DUH2 - August patch


v3.8 (3.7 unreleased)

- rebase to DUF8 - July patch



- Main big change is that install options are now taken care of by the (now renamed) MASTER MODULE - you will be presented with your installation options on the first zip you install - these will then be picked up by the ROM MODULE that will automatically flash the relevant features selected in the MASTER MODULE flash.

- Rebased to DUDA - (next update will probably just be a rebase as new June firmware will be here v soon)

- Magisk v23 installed

- I have included the Audio Modification Library module for until they sort V4a out. The process to get v4a working is:

1 - Activate the AML module in magisk and reboot then when rebooted into system start v4a and install drivers (it will reboot)

2 - on reboot, disable the AML module and then reboot system once more

3 - when rebooted to system, start v4a and reinstall the drivers

4 - v4a should be functional after reboot


This version brings a lot of automation to the install process. The mother module script will detect if the convertor has been flashed over that particular firmware and then make the convertor zip automatically if it is needed - in the case of reapplication of the rom or if i bring out an incremental update on the same firmware then this will mean that the convertor will be skipped by the mother module script and the rom module will be made only.

In short, the Mother module does my job by cooking the rom module and convertor mid flash

-Also rebased to DUD1 firmware

v3.4 Simple rebase to DUC8

- rebase to DUC8 firmware and most recent TWRP added

v3.3 no more disabler required after odin flash

- disabler files now added to odin files, no standalone disabler flash required anymore.

- rebased to DUC1 March patch

- workaround was required for wallpapers and will have this back to normal next time but end result is exactly the same. We're just using the DUB6 apk in this firmware 😉 no wallpapers were showing with DUC1 wallpaperres.apk

V3.2 another big update!!!! - in addition to the changes brought in recently, i have decided that patching system files instead of replacing them will be better going forward - the upshot for you guys is that the install process is even quicker now and the total package size has gone from 500mb to 240ish mb, yet the end result is exactly the same as any other release :) The convertor copies the relevant files from device and the rom module makes the amendments needed.

- fixes to backup and restore function

- tidied up script a bit

Now live in link in first post!!!

3.1- smallish update in comparison but still needed

- Home up added to goodlock package in rom - this incorporates task changer

- fixed Auto backup backing up previous rom options when new Rom Module selection option is selected (i.e no to restoring)

- Will now NOT install if any firmware version other than the one matching the rom is present

3.0- addition of Rom Module options backup/restore and rebase to OneUI 3.1:

- I have created a new Rom Module backup and restore function which will read the setup of the last rom module install (v2.6 onwards only) and ask you if you want to restore your previous install options. It will also backup any CSC features choices you make. This was not easy due to the complexity of my other function :ROFLMAO:

-soundassistant updated

-some script optimisations and tidy ups

-completely rebased to DUB6 OneUI 3.1 - hence V3.0

-CTS fix working perfectly and is included as an install option

2.5 - big refinement on changes in 2.4

- module base convertor now installs the cts fix module automatically and systemlessly

- the Mother Module sends the convertor to internal/420rom which will then delete itself after flash and replace it with the rom module in internal/420. This is because it could be confusing with so many folders

- convertor now clears any old 420rom modules

- the convertor checks for old internal 420rom directory and clears it if detected then sets up a new one.

- more general automation and tidy ups in scripts applied

- advanced power mode app added for booting to recovery on the fly easier

2.4 - Big format change - see second post

2.3.2 - incremental update

- Added CTS safteynet fix by @kdrag0n - (huge thanks for your contribution to the community man!!!) - thread

2.2-2.3.1 (unreleased xmas testing)


- rebased files to CUA2 Jan firmware
- moved all install and extract code to functions which are each called when you select an install option for the magisk rom module features - main upshot is that it saves a **** load of time installing the module. The long boring extraction list before the install options is now a past nightmare
- tidying up the script big time - variables defined for mod extraction paths etc - makes debugging much easier haha ;)

Module Base

- rebased to CUA2 Jan firmware
- Latest TWRP from Ianmacd included from now on - the base will automatically flash this.
- updated disabler included
- Magisk updated to V21.2

v2.1 (unreleased) & 2.1.1
- Full script rewrite for a big big change in cscfeatures implementation method
- csc features are now selectable should you not wish to install all of them
- updated source to CTL5
- CSC mod fixes
- bugs and performance fixes


-changed default wallpaper
-compressed mods in module zip to save space
-added debloat to updater script - debloat is carried out after image flash (fixed issues in 1.1.1)
-general theme refresh
-fixed sound assistant not installing


-added CTS fix
-added wallpapers

-implemented updated 3minit install procedure @starbucks2010 - cheers for the help and code for my flashable zip 👼
-added updated YoutubeV manager etc - install youtubeV from manager is recommended
-tidied up install script

-unreleased, research mules for failed patch testing :laugh:

- initial xda release

what's next? & Known Bugs we can't do much about or will sort eventually

-N980F/N985F support
-Google edition of the module
-incorporation of further goodies into magisk rom and base

-if A SYSTEM APP hasn't been removed, try uninstalling it ;) you should now be able to - any updates installed over an original system app remain as they are data apps following an update





Version and Sec Patch

Release Date


420rom Master Module - Samsung Edition

v3.9 (DUH2 8/2021 Sec Patch)


420rom Master Module - Google Edition

Coming Back Soon


420rom Master Module -     Samsung and Google Editions

Older Versions



Rooted Stock Firmware

DUH2 8/2021 Sec Patch


Rooted Stock Firmware

Older Versions