F926B Rooting Instructions


As promised - i have compiled a guide to root the Fold 3 - this assumes that you are starting from stock AND ARE NOT BOTHERED ABOUT LOSING CAMERA DUE TO UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER.


firstly many thanks to @ianmacd for the TWRP and help in rooting this device and for showing me the fstab edit required.




1 - MAGISK_PATCHED AP FILE - from Downloads - N:B - flash the AP File Only!! - ignore the other files as you'll be starting this process on AUHF firmware

2 - a PC with Odin

3 - to backup any data you want before you start!!!



1 - tap build number in software info in settings 7 times to show dev settings

2 - in dev settings, enable oem unlocking and usb debugging - Note: If OEM unlocking doesn't show up, connect to WiFi, search for software updates, close and open settings again and OEM unlock will once again be available

3 - plug phone into PC and reboot whilst holding both vol buttons down to enter download mode - hold up when asked to enter bootloader unlock screen

4 - press up to select yes to unlock bootloader AS WE KNOW, CAMERAS WILL DIE UNTIL BOOTLOADER IS RELOCKED!

5 - the phone will reboot - skip through setup on reboot and head straight back to settings - tap build number in software info in settings 5 times to show dev settings

6 - check OEM unlocking is greyed out and activated, activate USB Debugging and then reboot to download mode again.

7 - extract the zip i have provided to obtain the file to flash in AP slot (leave all other slots blank)

8 - this zip contains TWRP and also a modded super.img with edited fstab to remove encryption - load this in the AP slot in odin

9 - uncheck the auto reboot option in odin and flash the AP file

10 - WITH PHONE UNFOLDED!! - press vol down and power to exit download and immediately hold vol up and power to enter TWRP - hold until TWRP loads (you wint see TWRP on outer screen)

11 - in TWRP - head to the wipe menu and then format data - type yes and hit enter - this will remove encryption (the modded fstab prevents it from re-encrypting)

12 - Reboot to system from the TWRP power menu and setup device - upon checking the app drawer you should see a magisk stub, tab that to setup magisk and follow all prompts - including letting it reboot after it has installed (to do it's final setup)

13 - profit - your Fold 3 should now be fully rooted - just a shame about the cameras!!