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Core Dev Team


ExocetDJ - Team Owner and Rom Module Chief
abun880007 - Team Co-conspirator

Huge thanks to

@abun880007 for the legendary support and collab
@Zackptg5 for the brilliant MMT Extended zip
Rooted with Magisk - thanks @topjohnwu
@topjohnwu for magisk
@Winb33) for the samsungsans7.2 fonts
@superr for the kitchen
@starbucks2010 for the csc features inspiration
@Team_DeWitt for the Awesome V4A 2.7 - a must have for audiophiles!!
G Harrington for the 3minit apps
Team Vanced for bringing us all youtube Vanced
@dr.ketan for the various pointers and sage advice :)
Finally, @m8980, thanks for letting me adapt your CSC features into my module. :good::good::good:



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